By Stephen English

Casey Stoner moved joint top of the MotoGP championship standings at Assen on Saturday, when a third win of the season for the Australian was combined with a DNF for Lorenzo.

The Spaniard was the helpless victim of a first corner crash with Alvaro Bautista, opening the door for Stoner to bridge a 25-point deficit.

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Speaking after the race however it seemed Stoner felt that luck between the championship rivals was levelling out.

"I think luck has swung his way a couple of times this season," commented Stoner. "In Qatar, if we didn't have arm pump, we had the pace over everybody and I was confident of winning that race.

"In Le Mans also we had fantastic pace, but unfortunately the race was wet.

"So things sort of swung in his direction a couple of times and he made big gains in a short time.

"Then in Barcelona I just didn't ride well enough with a bike Dani proved was competitive.

"So things could have looked very different."

The Australian however also said: "It's extremely unfortunate for Jorge, you never want to take back championship points from a crash that wasn't his fault.

"Hopefully the championship ends up the way it should be."