The privateer 'CRT' MotoGP bikes will all have access to a cutting-edge ECU system from the 2013 season, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta has revealed.

Spec ECUs are usually introduced to allow electronic aids such as traction/launch control to be banned, and to control costs.

But MotoGP's main motive is to raise the standard of the CRT electronics to help close the performance gap to the manufacturer bikes built by Honda, Yamaha and Ducati.

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A competitive price for the ECUs is also sure to have been negotiated.

In an interview with Dorna's Gavin Emmett for Speed TV, Ezpeleta said:

"For next year we already ordered an ECU to be used by all the CRT. One of the difficulties between the CRT and the full factory engines is the electronics. If we provide all of them with very good electronics this will permit to increase the performance of the CRT."

Ezpeleta added that discussions are continuing regarding the future introduction of a spec ECU and rev limit for all the MotoGP machines.