Moto2 rider Alexander Lundh appears to have split from MZ, however the team sees things differently...

A press release issued by MZ can be seen below:

'In a unilateral declaration, Swedish Moto2 rider Alexander Lundh announced the termination of his contract with MZ Racing Team concerning his participation in the Moto2 world championship 2012.

'MZ CEO Martin Wimmer on the other hand expects Lundh to fulfill all contractual commitments and obligations.

'Lundh had suffered a foot injury during the Grand Prix at Assen/NL and it was unsure whether he would be fit to ride in the following races at Sachsenring/Germany and Mugello/Italy.

'In order to clarify the situation and check on the state of health of his rider, MZ CEO Martin Wimmer had arranged a testing session in the Czech Republic and invited Lundh and possible replacement riders to attend.

' "Lundh didn't show up, so we chose Markus Reiterberger to jump in for him at the Sachsenring. This week, Lundh came to Most, rode and clocked a single best lap time of 1.40,5 minutes. Mike di Meglio, who was also present, rode a string of laps in the 1.38's very consistently. Since I thought that the difference of 2.5 seconds was due to Lundh's injury, I nominated Mike di Meglio to replace him at Mugello."

' Wimmer is surprised about Lundh's declarations that he would have been fit to ride at Sachsenring. "This is not for the rider, but for the doctors and, eventually, the team owner to decide."

' Wimmer, who had offered Lundh to clarify all issues in an extended meeting after the Mugello Grand Prix, which then would have led to either a continuation or a termination of the contract, is also surprised about Lundh's assumption that his sponsors wouldn't transfer any more money to MZ Racing.

' "Our contractual partner is Alexander Lundh and Alexander Lundh only, not his sponsors. It is his responsibility to come up with the scheduled payments. One of the payments was due before the Sachsenring race, but never arrived."

' The Moto2 bike of MZ Racing Team will remain with the design of Lundh's main sponsors Cresto and Guide. "We are going to keep our contractual obligations", said Wimmer who hopes to settle the case with a mutual agreement next week. The sponsoring manager of Cresto and Guide has asked Wimmer in an e-mail to keep the logos present on the bike.'