There's only so much archery, judo, athletics and hockey that a motorsports fan can stand. Even the sight of beach volleyball has its limits. So if the absence of MotoGP action for the first half of August is starting to get you down, then we've got the perfect tonic for you.

Yes, it's time for one of's 2012 mid-season summer quiz pick-me-ups, a test of your MotoGP knowledge of the year so far as we review who is doing well this season - and who is off the boil and struggling.

As we look back and see how Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa, Cal Crutchlow et al have fared over the first ten races of the year, we hope to surprise you with some lesser known facts and trivia about 2012 so far, as well as jogging your memory about some of the key things that have happened over the first four months of the season.

Yes, you could doubtless score a perfect ten if you start looking up the answers using Google, Wikipedia or even's own news archives section - but where's the fun in that? Far better to see what you can extract from the dark recesses of your own memory, and then get to boast about how much you knew afterwards by posting a comment to tell us how you did.

Ready to start? Then CLICK HERE to take the quiz, and the best of British Summer Time luck to you!