Jorge Lorenzo said he is happy to be sharing the factory Yamaha team garage with Valentino Rossi next season - but would like Casey Stoner to return to Ducati!

Lorenzo and Rossi had a successful if somewhat frosty relationship as Yamaha team-mates from 2008-2010.

With a wall dividing the pits, Rossi won his sixth and seventh MotoGP crowns, before Lorenzo took his first title in 2010, the year Rossi suffered a broken leg.

Rossi left for Ducati at the end of that season, while Lorenzo has continued to lead the Yamaha challenge and is presently 23-points clear at the head of the 2012 championship.

"I think it'll be interesting to see how we can handle again Valentino and me on the same team. And it's a big pleasure to be team-mate with him again," said Lorenzo. "Two more years with the same bike. For me, everything is positive."

Lorenzo revealed he had known about the possibility of Rossi's return when he signed his own two-year Yamaha contract extension in mid-June and didn't raise any objections.

"I have never cared about [the identity of] my team-mate and I will not care in the future," he said.

Given their reversal in fortunes since Rossi left Yamaha, Lorenzo said he would be open to assisting the Italian if requested.

"Well, I don't have any problem with anybody," he replied. "I have a lot of respect for Valentino. So maybe if he asked me for some favour, I will [help] him."

While Rossi and Yamaha management are opening talking about Lorenzo as the team's number one rider next year, that will not extend to any technical privileges.

"Yamaha never have a Number One rider, who is given the best performance bike or the best pieces," stated Lorenzo.

With reigning MotoGP champion Casey Stoner retiring at the end of this season, Lorenzo was asked if beating Rossi will be his main 2013 goal.

"To be honest, I would like Casey to come back to Ducati. It would be kind of funny for sure (Laughter). But I don't think this is possible!" Lorenzo replied.

"So, yeah, maybe one of my challenges will be again to beat Valentino, but it's not the main one. The main one is to again be world champion this year and the next two years."

Rossi will take the place of Ben Spies, whose 2013 plans are yet to be announced.