1993 500cc world champion Kevin Schwantz isn't sure the new-for-2012 CRT class is the answer to MotoGP problems.

But if it is to continue the Texan believes something must be done to help the new privateer machines to compete with the official MotoGP prototypes.

"I'm not sure CRT is the answer. It's not the solution to the problem," said Schwantz. "If CRT remains, they need to be given some other alternatives of stuff they can do, maybe with tyres.

"But they have got to be able to have some type of an advantage to be able to close the gap on the leaders - even if it's just for a half-distance in the race.

"Maybe they could bring some different tyre manufacturers in, let Michelin and Dunlop get involved. It's still not going to make a CRT bike win a Grand Prix, but it's going to get those guys more competitive.

"It's going to give those guys a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel because I feel some added things for the CRT teams would help keep that excitement about it.

"It has got to be tough racing thinking, 'Well, I know we're just racing amongst ourselves.' But it's great to see 23 bikes in the field this weekend.

"You know, it's helped get numbers up out there, and these guys who are trying to do a race at Indy and Laguna still play at a pretty high level, the American wild-card teams.

"It's not an easy field to crack into, that's for sure, especially to go fast enough to be able to qualify."

All 23 riders, including two local CRT wild-cards, qualified for Sunday's Indianapolis Grand Prix.

The top CRT during qualifying at Indianapolis was Aspar Aprilia's Randy de Puniet, in tenth place and 1.6s from pole. de Puniet out-qualified three of the four Ducatis.


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