The latest stage in Bridgestone's ongoing MotoGP development saw some 'experimental' tyres on offer at Monday's Brno test, designed to bridge the gap between the present medium and hard compounds.

However the track conditions meant that only a handful of riders took up the offer to try the new tyres.

"The experimental tyres we supplied for the Brno test featured a new rubber compound," explained Shinji Aoki, manager of Bridgestone Motorsport's Tyre Development Department.

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"This is a hard compound rubber which is closer in composition to the medium compound than our current hard specification and was developed to deliver a more consistent gap between our different compound options.

"However, the weather on Monday wasn't ideal to utilise hard compounds, so only three riders chose to use the experimental tyres as part of their test programme.

"The feedback from these riders was that there was an improvement in warm-up performance compared to the existing hard compound, but in order to test this new compound in more relevant conditions and acquire more meaningful data, we will make this test tyre available at the private tests at Aragon in early September where Honda and Yamaha will be testing, so we will have a better idea of the compound's potential after these tests conclude."

The Aragon test will be held on September 4-5.