Casey Stoner has confirmed that he will return to MotoGP action for the final four rounds of the season.

But should the double world champion help Repsol Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa's title challenge, or simply try to win as many races as possible before his retirement at the end of the year?

Pedrosa is 33-points behind Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo, with just 100 points remaining, and has said he does not want - and will not ask for Stoner's assistance, but HRC/Repsol Honda might see things differently.

Stoner, who won four races this year before ankle injuries at Indianapolis, is now mathematically out of the 2012 championship fight.

When asked about the issue of team orders last season, Stoner expressed a clear view:

"I don't think there should ever really be team orders," said the Australian. "It's not football. You're not all on the same team, playing for the same thing. We're each our own person."

Lorenzo however felt that team-mates should expect to contribute to the success of the brand:

"If your partner can help you - and they are not fighting for the championship - we are a team, no? Our salary is coming from our brand, so the partner should help you if it is possible.

"MotoGP is not like soccer, but it is still a team and success for the brand is very important."

With all those views in mind:

Vote No if you think Stoner should remain neutral in the fight between Lorenzo and Pedrosa. Vote Yes if you think Stoner should help team-mate Pedrosa when possible.

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