Following the announcement that it will enter four bikes in next year's Moto2 World Championship, NGM Forward welcomed part of the new rider line-up to its garage at Valencia, with Simone Corsi, Mattia Pasini and Ricky Cardus in action.

Having competed with Suter and then FTR chassis' in 2012, NGM Forward is set to switch to Speed Up machinery in 2013, with both Corsi and Pasini getting their first taste of the bike in Spain.

For Corsi, who finished 11th overall on the CAME Ioda FTR in 2012, he was pleased with the Speed Up's first impressions, but will wait until a private test at Almeria to form a more definitive opinion.

"This first test day with the team was very good. It was important to find the feeling with the new team and the bike we were testing today. We have done very few laps because we stated to test late in the afternoon but we will have two more days of testing in Almeria in order to go into the winter break."

Pasini, meanwhile, was restricted to only a handful of laps as the bike was still being built as the test got underway. Nonetheless, he was content with the initial progress made.

"A particular day because the team had to put the bike together and I went out when there were only forty more minutes before the end of the test. I have gone out a couple of times, doing about five laps experiencing a little problem every time but I think that the test has gone well. I am very happy with the bike and found the feeling from the start.

"We will be testing two days this week at Almeria in order to setup the work for the winter. In any case, the first impression is very good, only after three laps I was doing the lap times that I did this past weekend during qualifying. We have work ahead of us but I am happy so far."

Cardus made his team debut aboard the existing FTR chassis, while the team's fourth rider, Alex de Angelis, was forced to skip the test due to injuries sustained in his Phillip Island crash.