The path is still clear for Suzuki to make a return to MotoGP in 2014 after Dorna's Javier Alonso confirmed the 'door remains open'.

Alonso, Dorna's Managing Director of Events, told that Suzuki - whose representatives attended the Sepang MotoGP test on Wednesday - was assessing the potential to re-enter the premier class.

"They are visiting us, they are having a look, and we've offered them the possibility to test whenever they would be ready to test," he said.

"And this is what they are studying right now, the possibilities, and how they want to continue with their programme."

Alonso, though, avoided giving a definitive opinion on whether or not Suzuki had fully committed to a return next year.

"They are still working on the decision, they are working on the project, and I think they have some important meetings after this....we have our doors open for them."

Should Suzuki wish to return, agreement will have to be reached with another team due to full grid numbers.

Alonso explained: "The situation is that we have a full crowded grid and of course we commit with the teams that are here with us today, and they will keep the right to continue to be there.

"Therefore if everybody wants to continue and Suzuki wants to come back they will have to reach an agreement with one of those teams."

Suzuki last competed in MotoGP in 2011 with backing from Rizla, when Alvaro Bautista was the team's sole rider.