This week's Sepang test saw Bridgestone supply the privateer 'CRT' MotoGP riders with a softer tyre allocation for the first time.

Whereas last season the CRTs shared the same tyre choice as the manufacturer (factory and satellite) machines, the plan for this year is to shift the privateers one grade softer to take account of the lower forces generated by their machines.

So at circuits where the manufacturer riders have the hard and medium compound choice, the CRTs will have medium and soft.

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It may sound simple, but it remains a step into the unknown since the softer compound has never previously been used at some circuits - including Sepang.

However the test results were positive and it looks like the softer CRT range will be available this season.

"Almost all the CRT riders are happy with the softer tyre, which we had never brought to Sepang before," said Hiroshi Yamada, manager of Bridgestone's Motorsport Department.

"We couldn't completely confirm the durability and the lap time needs to be a bit faster I think, but it looks like no big problem, so we expect to use these tyres this season."

Also on Bridgestone's agenda were two hard compound rear slicks for the twelve Ducati, Honda and Yamaha manufacturer machines.

One of these is expected to become the hard compound choice for the year, but at present there is no obvious candidate.

"So far, let's say we still need to discuss, because it is not clear," said Yamada. "Some riders prefer 'A' and some 'B'. There is no clear majority."

Bridgestone also began work on its new range of tyre markings.

Previously a white line had been used to identify the softer compound available at each event, but this could now become confusing due to the addition of a different CRT range.

It is possible that each compound will be given a different line colour in 2013.

"We have tried yellow, red, blue, green as well as the white," explained Yamaha. "We also need to consider the different paint materials as one of them takes a long time to dry. So we need to solve everything."

Bridgestone will be back on the ground at Sepang for the next MotoGP group test from February 25-28.