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Moto3: Reborn Mahindra 'ready to fight'

22 February 2013

Mahindra, which limped to just four points during the inaugural Moto3 World Championship, has made an impressive start to 2013 with both its riders inside the top ten at the opening tests.

Major changes have been made since last year's disappointment. Out has gone Mahindra's own chassis, powered by the weak Oral engine, to be replaced by a new chassis and engine partnership with Suter Racing technology.

The Indian brand also has an all new rider line-up in the form of Miguel Oliveira and Efren Vazquez.

Spaniard Vazquez set the Mahindra pace with eighth (+1.2s) at the opening Valencia test, when Oliveira was tenth. Oliveira then took over the Mahindra challenge with fifth overall (+1.2s) at this week's Jerez outing.

"I'm really happy that we had the opportunity to continue the job started in Valencia," said teenager Oliveira.

"I'm pleased with the way we are working and I'm learning so much about the bike and my team. We are on a good path and we are ready to fight.

"Our immediate area of focus is to find a good set-up for the bike and doing our job without looking at the other teams and riders. We need to give the best!"

Vazquez was eighth fastest during the Jerez this week, which a best dry lap three tenths behind his team-mate.

"I'm really happy with the bike and everything is going better than we expected. I'm very pleased with the team. It has all changed since last year and the expectations and thinking are very positive. The project we are working for is a good one and we can do well."

The 2013 Mahindra bikes have completed 750km (Vazquez) and 800km (Oliveira) over the two tests. The hard work now continues back in the team's Swiss base before the final test at Jerez from March 18-21.