A meeting of the Grand Prix Commission at the Qatar MotoGP season-opener rubber stamped the introduced of the 2014 Control ECU regulations, following confirmation of additional machines (Honda) and engines (Yamaha) for privateers.

This means that the MotoGP manufacturers can continue to develop their own software for use with the new control ECU system next season, but will lose another litre of race fuel relative to the CRT riders.

The CRTs will all run the full Magneti-Marelli standard ECU, software and hardware. They will benefit from four litres more fuel than the manufacturer machines, while engine changes will remain the same (five per rider for manufacturer entries and nine for CRTs).

The MotoGP testing rules have also been tightened to avoid a repeat of the private Austin test, which only the factory Honda and Yamaha teams, plus LCR, could afford to attend.

The full MotoGP class rule amendments can be seen below:

MotoGP Class Technical Regulations:
New technical regulations, effective from 2014, that were approved at the GPC meeting held at Valencia in November 2012 and already announced, were all confirmed. This follows the successful conclusion of negotiations between Dorna and the Manufacturers concerning the supply of additional machines and/or engines for the MotoGP class from 2014.

For reasons of safety, it was agreed that a different specification of brake disc could be authorised by Race Direction for use at specified circuits. Currently, the only circuit at which this applies is Motegi.

Testing Regulations - Effective 11 November 2013:
New testing restrictions will be introduced for the MotoGP class. This will restrict the amount of testing permitted by contracted riders to:

One three day official test at a circuit in Europe between the final event and 30 November.

Three of three day official tests in the period between 01 February and the first event of the season.

A maximum of three tests, each of one day, on the Monday after events designated by Dorna/IRTA in Europe.

Any activity authorised by Race Direction.

No testing is permitted between 01 December and 31 January, both dates being inclusive.

Test riders, as opposed to contracted riders, will continue to be allowed to test for development purposes at any time and circuit using the "test tyre allocation" available to each team.

This will also apply to contracted riders of CRT category teams, subject to approval of testing at a Grand Prix circuit being granted by Race Direction in advance of the test.


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