Two races in to the new season, and already Marc Marquez has erased pretty much all memories of that Stoner bloke who used to hang around the MotoGP paddock a bit in the past.

2013 looks set for a titanic battle between Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa, and it's also thrilling to see Valentino rejuvenated and back to something approaching his best with his return to Yamaha. Better still, so far he and Lorenzo haven't come to blows and started erected walls in the pit garage!

But there's been plenty of action going on all the same, with that record breaking performance by Marquez at the brand new Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas just the icing on an eventful MotoGP cake in April's two events kicking off the brand new season.

So are you the kind of fan who knows MotoGP inside-and-out? If you're the type of enthusiast that looks way beyond just who the race winner was and has a keen eye for the other events going on in the paddock - not to mention the broader context and history of the events - then you'll find the first MotoGP quiz of the year a breeze. But even if you're not, there should be plenty of facts and figures to keep you entertained in our 12-question inaugural quiz event of 2013.

Just click here to take the quiz and once you're done let us know how you fared by clicking on the 'Post your comments' link below. Try and keep it fair by resisting the temptation to look up the answers in the likes of Google, Wikipedia or even in's own news and results archives as you go - where's the fun in that, after all?