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MotoGP Jerez: Marquez, Lorenzo last turn clash - PICTURES

6 May 2013

Dani Pedrosa may have taken his first victory of the year at Jerez, but all the post-race talk was about this final turn clash between rookie Marc Marquez and world champion Jorge Lorenzo.

Marquez, famous for ruthless moves in the smaller classes, spotted that Lorenzo had left the door “a little open” and needed no second invitation to launch his Repsol Honda up the inside to try and snatch second place.

As in the famous Rossi/Gibernau 2005 clash at the very same corner, Marquez and Lorenzo made considerable contact as Lorenzo tried to turn in - bumping the Yamaha rider wide, while Marquez claimed the position.

See below for further pictures of the incident - now updated with shots from a second angle.

Lorenzo was visibly livid after the incident, but also confessed he had made a mistake by not closing the door more firmly on the way into the corner. It was the very same corner that had been renamed in Lorenzo's honour on Saturday…

The pass also cost Lorenzo the world championship lead to Marquez.

Tell us what you think: Was it simply a racing incident or do you feel Marquez crossed the line? Leave your comments below...