BT has invited members of the MotoGP media to a presentation in London on Thursday.

No mention of MotoGP is given on the invite, which simply states: "BT Sport showcases the next stage of development, unveiling the latest news"

But given the target audience, it seems clear that the event will see the rumoured TV deal between BT and MotoGP officially confirmed.

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The BBC (free to air) and Eurosport (subscription) currently broadcast live MotoGP TV coverage in the UK.

The new BT Sport channel, set to launch later this summer, is to be made available for purchase on a 'variety of platforms'. These include Sky and BT Vision. Negotiations are said to be ongoing with Virgin Media regarding cable access.

Jake Humphrey, who left the BBC's F1 team to anchor BT Sport's forthcoming Football coverage, has sent the following Tweet: "Moto GP is an epic World Championship isn't it...and I thought the F1 boys were brave..."