The MotoGP grid could rise to 28 riders next season after Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta confirmed that up to four new entries will be accepted.

Initially, Ezpeleta had stated that any new arrivals - such as the planned Suzuki return - would need to acquire places from existing teams.

However with no-one willing to sell, at least for a reasonable price, Dorna has decided to allow grid numbers to rise - but with reduced prize money for those that finish at the back of the field from 2015.

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"We agreed on reasonable pricing [for a grid place] but no-one wants to sell their place in the premier class," Ezpeleta told the official MotoGP website.

"Therefore, we've decided that in order to set-up next year's grid, the current teams will stay in place with their existing benefits, such as prize money, travel allowances and tyres costs and that we will accept up to four new grid entries.

"In 2015, the first 22 riders will get prize money, then those placed 23rd and 24th will get some benefits and the riders below that in the classification will not get any of the prize money."

Ezpeleta added that, despite participating in Monday's official post-race test, Suzuki has not yet confirmed its MotoGP return, while any new teams would need to pay for tyres out of their own budgets.

As well as Suzuki, the Marc VDS and Pons Moto2 teams have been linked with a MotoGP place in 2014.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the Grand Prix Commission at Catalunya concluded without a final decision on the future of the privateer 'claiming rule'.

"...Various other issues affecting the MotoGP class, including amendments to the claiming rule and the details of Electronics (ECU) regulations for 2014 were discussed," said an FIM statement. "Final decisions on these matters have been postponed to the next meeting scheduled for 29th June in Assen."

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