By Stephen English

MotoGP rookie Bradley Smith was content with setting the tenth fastest Friday practice time at Laguna Seca.

The Yamaha Tech 3 rider felt that making the effort to attend a track day at the Californian circuit beforehand had clearly been of benefit.

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"I'm real happy I came here before because I'm not second guessing anything," commented Smith. "I know where I'm going, I know where the banking is. I know which corners you can afford to miss and where you can afford to go in early and which ones not."

When asked how riding a road bike compares to riding a MotoGP bike Smith joked that, "You run out of room really quick and the straight is a lot shorter!"

The Englishman went on to discuss some of the issues that he had over the course of both sessions:

"The hardest thing getting temperature in the right side of the tyre. I was getting more and more confident, but when Abraham went down it was a reminder that the right hand side is something to keep an eye on."

Having set the tenth fastest time Smith is on course to make it through to Q2 automatically if he can maintain a top ten place on Saturday morning.

"Tenth today was really good and 0.7 off the guys at the front. Obviously depending on the weather tomorrow morning we could theoretically go straight through to Q2 which is our target from now on."