Sometimes a season flashes past so fast that it's over before you know it, and other times there's so much going on that you can hardly believe it's only halfway through the year and there's a whole other nine events still to come! But how much can you remember about the races of 2013 so far?

It seems like a very long time ago that Jorge Lorenzo got off to a flying start to the year with a dominant win under the floodlights in the desert at Qatar. It looked like an easy third championship was on the cards for the 26-year-old despite having the pressure of Valentino Rossi back as his team mate at Yamaha. But when the Honda pair of Dani Pedrosa and new boy Marc M?rquez won the next three races, it must have quickly dawned on Lorenzo that this was going to be a long and hard fight to the 2013 title.

Exciting stuff even before you factor in the extraordinary story of accidents and injuries that have come to dominate the MotoGP story heading into the month-long August break between Laguna Seca and Indianapolis. Just as well we have a few weeks to catch our breath - and also catch up with the other events of 2013 that have contributed to the story of the season so far.

Here to tide you over the weeks of summer inactivity before the riders take to the track at Indianapolis are ten questions ranging over the nine races so far. See how much you can remember without needing to look things up in's archives or on Google or Wikipedia, and let us know how you did by posting your score in the comments section below.

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