Bridgestone's new hard rear tyre will not make its debut at this weekend's Czech Republic MotoGP round.

"Bridgestone originally planned to introduce a new hard compound rear tyre at the Czech Republic Grand Prix, but after recent testing at the Brno circuit has decided to change supply," said a Bridgestone statement.

"Another hard tyre specification which has a softer compound on left side, with current hard compound on the right side, will be supplied this weekend and this change was made in agreement with the Grand Prix Commission at Indianapolis."

Bridgestone selects a softer and harder rear tyre - from a pool of five different slick compounds; Extra-Soft, Soft, Med-Soft, Medium and Hard - for each MotoGP event.

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But in the nine dry races so far this season, the softer of the rear tyres on offer has been chosen by all manufacturer riders - Honda, Yamaha and Ducati (factory and satellite) - with the sole exception of round two in Texas.

Texas saw two riders race the harder tyre option - including race winner Marc Marquez - but Bridgestone acknowledges that the present hard compound 'isn't popular' hence the new design.

However the hard compound is not always on offer and even at events where the medium compound is the hardest available - Jerez, Assen and Laguna Seca so far this year - riders have still opted to race the softest tyre possible.

"It seems riders want the option that will give them maximum performance at the start of the race, rather than have a tyre option that will offer more consistent grip levels over the race distance," confirmed Bridgestone's chief engineer Masao Azuma.

The rear slick tyre options at Brno will be the medium and hard (asymmetric) compounds, with soft and medium for the privateer CRT riders.