Ducati's Andrea Dovizioso believes that heavy tyre wear will mean the results of Sunday's British MotoGP look completely different to qualifying.

The Italian, who qualified as the top Ducati in seventh place, explained:

"It is quite strange situation, I think more or less for everybody, because the tyre drop is so big. You are easily one-second slower after seven laps. So the race will be completely different to the practice.

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"Tyre choice is not clear for the race either. We can't know after ten laps how the softer or harder tyre will be. No-one has done more than ten laps together with both tyres to understand the tyre life. But that will be the most important decision.

"The soft tyre is better, especially on the left, at the beginning, but the right side is not so different for the soft and hard.

"The question mark is that the harder tyre usually drops in the same way as the soft, so there is no positive point. But it is the first time this year we are thinking about the hard tyre."

Team-mate Nicky Hayden, who qualified in ninth, also has front tyre issues to solve.

"I have a hard time using the hard front tyre, so I chose to go with the soft front, which was better over the bumps but was also moving in some places. We need to try to make that work for the race and do a couple of little things to help with change of direction. We know it'll be tough, but we'll see what we can do."

Unlike Dovizioso, Hayden is still on an older version of the GP12.

"The plan is to ride the new bike in the test after Misano and we'll see from there. It would sure be nice to find something better an use that for the rest of the season."