Seven time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi says that he has never seen a rookie like Marc Marquez - in any form of motorsport.

Marquez holds a 26-point lead at the head of the standings, having won five races this season - including the last four in a row - and finished on the podium in all but one of the eleven events.

Rossi, title runner-up during his own rookie season, said: "Sincerely what Marquez is doing this year is very impressive. More than me [in 2000].

"Especially his mind, because Marquez started this year for win the championship.

"In 2000, when I was a rookie, I didn't start for win the championship. I thought it was impossible in the first year. Maybe for that reason, but not just that, I don't win.

"Marquez arrived already with the mind-set to try and win in the first season and sincerely I've never seen a rookie like him, in all the motorsports I know."

Earlier this year, Rossi stated that Marquez could become the greatest MotoGP rider ever.

Marquez will start Sunday's British MotoGP from pole.