A nasty multi-rider incident occurred while riders were waiting to perform a practice start, at the end of this morning's Moto2 warm-up for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

New Blusens signing Dani Rivas arrived onto the Hangar Straight, where the practice starts are held, and appeared to wave or strike out at another rider. Rivas then tangled with Steven Odendaal, although it is not clear if he was the rider Rivas was gesturing at.

Both fell as a result of the collision, with Rivas then bringing down the Xavier Simeon waiting stationary just ahead. Odendaal likewise took down Jordi Torres.

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Rivas and Odendaal required medical attention, delaying the MotoGP warm-up, but all riders are conscious.

Statement from Race Direction: "Following Sunday morning's multiple crash involving Dani Rivas (27), Steven Odendaal (44), Xavier Simeon (19) and Jordi Torres (81) in the Moto2(TM) Warm-Up session at the Hertz British Grand Prix, Race Direction will investigate the accident once all riders are available to review events.

"As Dani Rivas is currently undergoing further treatment, having been diagnosed with a fracture of the left shoulder and mild concussion, Race Direction will announce the result of the incident review as soon as possible."