Cal Crutchlow admitted he was 'struggling everywhere' after the Tech 3 Yamaha rider ended Friday practice at the San Marino MotoGP round in an uncharacteristic tenth position.

Crutchlow was troubled by a right arm injury he sustained during a crash-strewn weekend at Silverstone, but the 27-year-old revealed the problems run much deeper as he attempts to find a decent setting with his satellite YZR-M1.

The British rider, who finished outside the top ten in FP1, improved his time by 0.7 seconds in the afternoon with a lap of 1m 35.208s to finish 0.4s outside the top six at Misano.

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"Today was a really difficult day and I am not very happy at all with my pace or my position," said Crutchlow.

"My right arm is not 100% after Silverstone but the main problem is I don't have any feeling with the bike at all. We need to improve because all I can say is that today was bad and disappointing.

"I've no grip on the front but that's the same for everyone-Bradley crashed, Barbera crashed, Marquez and Dovi nearly crashed-there's obviously not a lot of front grip. I nearly crashed and in all honesty I wasn't willing to crash so I rode around and finished tenth.

"I need five good laps and my confidence will be fine but I can't do one good lap at the minute. I'm not going to make excuses but at the end of the day I wasn't willing to crash today."

After claiming four podiums from five races earlier in the year, recent events have proved less successful for the Tech 3 star. Crutchlow, now confirmed at Ducati for 2014, insisted contract speculation had not been an issue.

"The last time I felt fast was Mugello and Sachsenring, the rest since then have been a disaster. After Germany I had everything at my feet - a Yamaha contract, Ducati contract and a Honda contract - but it wasn't a distraction. I made my decision after Laguna but I was useless there. All that stuff had nothing to do with it, but at the minute we're on a downward spiral for some reason.

"This weekend I wanted to turn up and ride the bike without touching it but it's impossible because if I rode the bike that they've given me, and it's nothing against my team it's just the base setup from Yamaha, I wouldn't have lasted five laps.

"I am struggling everywhere but I won't give up and I will work hard with my crew tonight to try and find some solutions to be more competitive tomorrow."

Unlike the Factory Yamaha riders, Crutchlow and team-mate Bradley Smith do not have the new seamless shift gearbox.

"We can see from the data that they can change gear at more angle than us and their acceleration is a lot better than ours but I'm not asking for [the seamless]," said Crutchlow. "If you put Lorenzo on his older gearbox I guarantee that he'd go faster tomorrow morning on it. Over a race distance it might be a bit better but for overall laptime I don't know.

"I can't make a comparison because I haven't ridden it, but I can compare to the Honda because I've raced against them. When you ride with the Honda you can see how they accelerate. For the Yamaha I can't comment but it's definitely better otherwise they wouldn't be using it."