Bradley Smith escaped unhurt following a first-corner spill at Misano as the MotoGP rookie ended free practice in 14th position.

Smith had set his quickest time of the day in 1m 36.004 seconds when he went down at the beginning of his 11th lap.

The Tech 3 Yamaha rider is battling the same issues that hampered his performance at Silverstone but Smith remains optimistic he can make significant progress in qualifying tomorrow.

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"Today was a lead on from Silverstone unfortunately. It's my own fault because I've led the engineers down this path that I thought was the right direction but it's a dead end and we've got to climb our way back to the top of the hill," Smith explained.

"At Brno we went a direction and I wanted to keep going in that direction but unfortunately it only seems to have worked at Brno. It seems that it's a one trick pony though, we thought that Silverstone was bad because of cold temperatures but it wasn't it. We'll sort it out though. It's only day one.

"It's [to do with] weight distribution and I tried to turn the Yamaha into a Honda, making it shorter, and I tried to ride it like a Honda but it's not designed to be ridden like that. When it worked in Brno I had it in my head that it would work everywhere.

"I've no idea what happened with the crash," Smith added. " I didn't feel like I was anywhere near the limit and I think that I got caught out by the same bump that caught Cal out last year in the race. To be 14th there has to be something more wrong but I expected Ducati to be strong because they've tested here so much but we're a long way off the factory Yamaha bikes too."

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo are using Yamaha's new seamless gearbox for the first time in a race weekend. Rossi and Lorenzo were third and fourth respectively on Friday, both within 0.3s of Honda's Marc Marquez.

"The seamless is definitely something better and it's definitely great for Jorge's championship," said Smith. "I think it's going to be a great tool for Jorge in fighting Marc. This is as close as we've seen the Yamaha to the Honda on this type of track and Yamaha definitely did their homework and I believe that it could be the key if Jorge wants to take another championship."