By Stephen English

Bradley Smith made his disappointment clear after struggling to an eleventh place finish at the San Marino MotoGP.

Following difficulties at the previous Silverstone round, having gone down a blind alley in terms of set-up, the Yamaha Tech 3 team went back to basics at Misano. But both Smith and team-mate Cal Crutchlow still struggled for much of the weekend.

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While Crutchlow was ultimately able to salvage a top six finish, Smith could only follow the Ducatis home. Having lost ground at the start with a difficult bike, Smith then spent the majority of the race trying different riding positions to adjust the weight balance on the bike.

"I gave myself the best chance possible and made a great start but I nearly highsided five or six times in the first three laps and dropped behind all the Ducati's and then found my pace," said the MotoGP rookie.

"I wasn't really able to battle so I treated the race like a test and tried loads of different lines and body positions, braking strategies so that I could give the guys as much information as possible to hopefully find a better set-up.

"Tomorrow [at the Monday test] we'll try a lot of stuff with rider position because I believe that our settings are similar [to the other Yamaha riders] but I think that where I sit on the bike and how I sit on it is a little bit wrong at the minute. I've to move around a lot to try and make it work so we'll see what we find tomorrow."

When asked why he had tried moving his body weight to different positions during the race, Smith explained that it was in an attempt to put more weight on the rear of the bike to give more grip under braking and turn in:

"We are struggling with too much front load and not enough rear contact so the only way around that is to sit bolt on to the top of the seat and not even prepare for the corner. So under braking I'm bang in the middle of the seat and have to wait until the last minute to move which obviously isn't a natural riding style.

"Also coming out of corners I can't lean off the side of the bike without it spinning so have to move before I can get any grip. Our setting is close to the factory settings but where I'm sitting seems to be upsetting the bike."

The forthcoming Aragon round is likely to be a circuit that will suit the Hondas to a greater degree than the Yamaha, but due to its high grip surface Smith said that he is excited to get to the next round of the championship in two weeks' time.