Some of the forthcoming changes to the Indianapolis MotoGP circuit look to have been revealed during the announcement of a new 'Grand Prix of Indianapolis' IndyCar event to be held on a reconfigured version of the infield road course.

During this year's MotoGP, riders made clear they would like a new racing surface and several re-designed corners for the future.

The new Indycar race will take place on the revised layout pictured above, with corner changes - set to speed up the circuit by opening or removing some of the tight twists - highlighted in yellow.

For comparison, the layout of the present MotoGP course, used since 2008, can be seen in the pictures below.

However the IndyCar race will be run in a clockwise direction, the opposite direction to MotoGP and the same as the original F1 road course. (Read more about the Grand Prix of Indianapolis in the IndyCar channel.)

With Laguna Seca dropping off the schedule, MotoGP is expected to stay at Indianapolis beyond next season, which marks the end of its present contract. The provisional 2014 calendar lists Indianapolis as round ten, on August 10.