Karel Abraham is aiming to be back to fitness for pre-season MotoGP testing after undergoing lengthy shoulder surgery on Tuesday.

The Czech rider was injured at Indianapolis and, after attempting to continue at the following rounds, withdrew from the remainder of the season and has been replaced at Cardion AB by Luca Scassa.

The three-hour operation at the Trauma Department of the Olomouc University Hospital went well and Abraham is expected to be released on Wednesday.

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Abraham also had a titanium plate inserted in April, to strengthen his broken right collarbone, removed.

"I'm happy to have got it over with, and after the rehab's finished I'm sure I'll be able to once again give 100% in my training and riding," said Abraham.

"I've got the whole winter in front of me, and the aim is to be able to go into the pre-season testing without anything holding me back.

"It'll be a while of course before I'm able to get back on the bike, but I'm counting on going to the Masaryk Circuit this Sunday to watch the Marco Simoncelli Memorial Ride."

Senior Consultant Igor i?m?, who conducted the surgery, explained the injuries treated and estimated recovery time:

"Karel Abraham suffered a multiple injury to the shoulder joint. His ligaments of the articular capsule on the outside of the joint were damaged, while the ligaments connecting the scapula and the clavicle had torn and healed to form a weak join.

"This was causing instability in the joint and associated discomfort. The ligaments connecting the scapula and clavicle were no longer holding the shoulder in place, so it was necessary to graft on a tendon from the forearm. Use of such tendon is standard and the patient does not miss it even when playing sport to the full.

"Karel Abraham will be able to start exercising again in two or three weeks at the earliest. Gradually, we will build up the level of exercise so that he should be able to exercise fully after five or six weeks."