Honda says it is still considering whether to appeal the 25 constructors' championship points it has been docked for failing to safeguard its exposed sensor cable.

In addition to investigating whether rider Marc Marquez should be penalised for making contact with Repsol Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa during the Aragon Grand Prix when he overshot his braking point, Honda were also under investigation to determine whether it was negligent in failing to safeguard the rear-wheel speed sensor that Marquez broke when he made the relatively light contact.

With the damaged sensor disengaging the traction control, an unprepared Pedrosa was duly launched into a high-side on the exit of the bend and into retirement.

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Though Honda does point out it has a 'safety mode' for this occurrence, it acknowledges that it took too long to kick in and the sensor cable shouldn't have been as exposed. As such, race direction has taken away the 25 constructors' points Marquez scored for the race win as a 'message' to adopt improved fail-safes.

As it stands, Repsol Honda team principal Livio Suppo has accepted the ruling, though it will be discussed whether to launch an appeal.

"Race Direction thinks that - and this is true, unfortunately - the crash was mainly due to the bike problem because of the broken cable and the backup system taking a bit too much time to kick in," Suppo said. "So we have been penalised 25 points in the manufacturers' championship. Now we need to think about it and see whether we have to make an appeal or not. My feeling is that Nakamoto San (Shuhei Nakamoto, Executive Vice President of HRC) will understand the situation."

Going forward, Honda will introduce measures to prevent the same thing occurring again, according to technical director Takeo Yokoyama.

"The problem was with both the hardware and the software. In terms of the hardware, the sensor cable was exposed too much and it was very easy - even with just small contact from others riders - to cut the cable. So we have now added protection to that cable for this race.

"From the software point of view, we of course do have a backup mode; if something happens with the sensor signal, the bike is supposed to go into the safety mode immediately. However, the strategy was not perfect, so for this race (in Malaysia) we have modified it so that we can detect such failures earlier."