By Stephen English

The flag-to-flag race decision for Sunday's Australian MotoGP raises an extra concern for Ducati's Nicky Hayden, who admitted that his shortage of quality engines is now likely to be a major issue.

With the Bridgestone tyres blistering due to the high track temperatures and the extra grip of the newly resurfaced Philip Island track, it was decided that no rider would be permitted to complete more than 14 laps on one set of tyres.

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As a result flag-to-flag rules will apply and riders will be forced to change bikes mid race.

With Hayden having blown his freshest engine at the last race in Malaysia he now faces a very difficult race because of the limited mileage on his four available engines.

After qualifying as the top Ducati in eighth, Hayden was asked about the possibility of having to change bikes mid-race: "That could be a problem for us tomorrow if we need to have two good engines."

Hayden went on to say: "I'm still using the same engine as yesterday and was lucky to get through today with it. Hopefully with a different engine I can go faster because this morning it was getting very tired.

"It's been tough for us to do set-up and things so we'll have to see what tomorrow brings. At least the engine has enough power and can keep going."

If Hayden takes a sixth engine he will face a pit lane start.