Dani Pedrosa claimed his best ever Phillip Island MotoGP result with second place in Sunday's shortened, pit swap, race at the Australian circuit.

Pedrosa finished just under seven seconds behind Jorge Lorenzo, on a difficult day where riders were forced to change motorcycles at mid-distance due to tyre problems.

Afterwards Pedrosa explained that he almost crashed in the early stages of the 19 lap race, then struggled with front-end feeling on his second bike.

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"I was trailing in the beginning because I had a big slide and almost crashed," said the Spaniard. "I was trying to get back to [Lorenzo and Marquez] before the pitstop and I was getting close and I managed to do that.

"I pitted more on instinct [than strategy]. I knew that I could stop on lap nine or lap ten but in the race conditions that I was I decided to pit first. I was in third place and I could see that Marc and Jorge were keeping going so I said that I would pit now when there is no traffic.

"My pitstop was not too bad and I had the same set-up but in reality the second bike didn't feel the same and I was completely angry when I exited the pits because I thought 'Oh! What's happening to the front?'

"I thought maybe the tyre was cold and it would come back, but never. So I knew the race would not be as successful as I thought in the first stint. But I gave all I had and was able to stay more or less close.

"Obviously not enough for the win, but I think it was successful and I made a very big step at this track because normally I'm not so fast here."

Pedrosa also praised the work of his mechanics for an excellent bike swap.

"My mechanics did a very good job. I want to say sorry to the guy that catches the bike, because I always hit him!" said Pedrosa. "I don't stop the bike enough, so he takes a big part of the impact. Also thanks to the guy with the second bike because I jumped on as fast as I could and he has to manage my balance. The team did a good job."

Pedrosa's only hiccup was to be instructed to drop back one position by Race Direction shortly after the bike change.

"When I went out of the pit I was last, because I stopped first, so I knew I didn't have to look back and I touched the white line a little bit. That was all," he explained.

Pedrosa duly gave way to team-mate Marquez, who was black flagged shortly after for missing the pit stop window, returning Pedrosa to second. Pedrosa remains third in the standings, 14 points from Lorenzo and 34 points from Marquez.