Tech 3 Yamaha riders Cal Crutchlow and Bradley Smith says the decision to cancel all track action at Motegi was the 'best call' after foggy weather prevented the air ambulance from reaching the circuit.

Despite acceptable track conditions, no rider in any class was able to turn a wheel throughout the Friday practice sessions after dense fog and low visibility in the remote region stopped the necessary air ambulance from arriving.

Coupled to the length of time it would take to reach hospital by road should a rider require medical attention - the alternative option without a helicopter -, the absence of the air ambulance meant Dorna, IRTA and Race Direction would have no choice but the abandon the sessions.

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Though frustrating for the riders and fans, Crutchlow insists the right decision was ultimately taken.

"Obviously it is disappointing for the Japanese fans not to see us ride today but the safety of everybody on track has to come first. Nobody could have predicted the circumstances preventing the medical helicopter from flying to the track but it was definitely the right decision to cancel both practice sessions and there's no doubt Race Direction once again made the best call on safety grounds. Hopefully the weather will improve and we can ride and put on a good show on Sunday."

His sentiments were echoed by team-mate Smith, who declared that Race Direction should be 'applauded' for ensuring the safety of its riders.

"None of us want to be sitting in the box waiting around when there are people coming to watch us ride but it was definitely the right decision to cancel practice. Rider safety is paramount and Race Direction should be applauded once again for ensuring the safety of everybody on track comes before anything else.

"We need to see what the conditions are like tomorrow but hopefully we can ride. It seems the best conditions will be on Sunday for the race, so all we can do is wait and see how much time the weather will allow us to be on track to prepare in the best possible way."