Newly-crowned MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez has hailed his title success in Valencia as a 'dream come true'.

The Repsol Honda prodigy kept a cool head to finish third behind Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo and team-mate Dani Pedrosa in Spain in a tense but thrilling finale.

Outgoing champion Lorenzo adopted stalling tactics in the first third of the race in an effort to allow the chasing pack to close up to the lead group and challenge Marquez, but the plan ultimately failed and Lorenzo eventually abandoned his strategy and powered clear for his eighth victory of the season.

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Marquez rode with maturity to claim the final place on the rostrum, clinching the championship by four points to become the youngest ever premier class champion in MotoGP history and the first rookie to achieve the feat since 'King' Kenny Roberts in 1978.

"We are so proud about our first season in MotoGP. It is a dream come true to be champion, earlier than we expected," said Marquez.

"We just say thanks to Honda, my team and all the people that help me. I just want to enjoy this moment.

"What I said yesterday was true - I said Jorge would be first, Dani second and me third!"

Reflecting on the final race of the 2013 championship at the Ricardo Tormo circuit, Marquez admitted he was somewhat anxious during the opening laps as Lorenzo and Pedrosa battled it out ahead of him for the lead.

"In the first ten laps I was a little nervous and stiff on the bike. I was not able to ride in my usual style because Jorge and Dani were fighting and in front of all those fans it was difficult to wait in third," he said.

"Something inside me said 'you need to fight'. But anyway I was quite clever and understood that the championship was much more important than one race.

"After Jorge and Dani went wide I was into first place, and when I heard the engine of Jorge and I thought 'OK, you go first'. Because I saw that he was fighting so hard today and it was not my fight. We will have more races in the future.

"It felt like the longest race in my career," Marquez admitted. "Especially the last lap I was so careful. I didn't push a lot in the race and even like that I could finish third."

Few imagined at the beginning of the campaign that the series newcomer would make such an historic impact, but Marquez proved himself as a special talent with the ability to dominate MotoGP for many years.

As the young Spaniard made the transition to the fire-breathing RC213V, it was inevitable that at some stage he would be picking himself up and dusting himself down, but Marquez brushed off a number of falls without major injury and grabbed a foothold in the championship as injuries hampered the much more experienced Lorenzo and Pedrosa.

"Especially in the first part of the season every lap was on the limit. For that reason I had many crashes, but because I was on the limit in practice I could keep control in the races," said Marquez.

"The worst moment for me was Mugello and then Montmelo straight after. In those two races I saw 'this MotoGP is difficult'. Because until those circuits I could be with Jorge and Dani - not easy, but easier.

"At those two races, especially Mugello with the big crash, I struggled. After that we learnt and the progression was so good."

A demon on the brakes, Marquez has won over an army of new admirers and charmed even the most hardened critics with his swashbuckling style.

At times he appears to be riding on the ragged edge, but the new kid on the block - who has taken the MotoGP paddock by storm - candidly reveals that he feels more in control when he seems to be out of control.

"Maybe my strongest point [is] braking. It looks unstable on TV but I feel better. Maybe also my mentality," he says, when quizzed on his strongest attributes.

"Maybe the start is the area where I need to improve for next year and also Jorge is sometimes smoother and more consistent than us."

Marquez's place in history is already assured with his title-accomplishment at Valencia, but it would seem this is merely the opening chapter of what promises to be an incredible story.

Former greats have watched his progress this season in awe and Marquez has taken extra inspiration from their words of encouragement.

"I speak a lot with Freddie [Spencer] and also Kenny [Roberts]. Always they support me," he said.

"For me it was so good that two legends of MotoGP and motorbikes speak with me. When people like that compliment you it is another motivation."