The MotoGP Penalty Points system has been revised for 2014.

Introduced for this season, Race Direction can sanction a rider with between 1 and 10 Penalty Points for 'endangering other riders or committing other serious offences'. Points accumulate with punishments given once 4 points (back of the grid start at next race), 7 points (pit lane start at next race) and 10 points (disqualification from next race) are reached.

Instead of being erased at the end of each season, from 2014 any Penalty Points will remain in place for one calendar year. The previous system meant points awarded during the final race of the year would be meaningless. Likewise, the change reduces the temptation for riders without Penalty Points to take greater risks as the season progresses.

Rookie champion Marc Marquez came closest to suffering a back of the grid start this year, accumulating three Penalty Points after incidents at Silverstone and Aragon.

A statement from the Grand Prix Commission - also outlining regulations for races that suffer more than one restart, protests and wild-cards - can be seen below. New regulations for Moto3 can be found here:

All Classes - Effective 2014 Penalty Points
"In 2013 any Penalty Points imposed were wiped from the record of the rider at the end of the season. From 2014 penalty points will remain on the record of the rider for 365 days after which they will be cancelled. This means that a rider will have a rolling tally of penalty points with new points being added as incurred and points being deducted on their anniversary.

Restarting Interrupted Races
"It was recognised that there may be circumstances when an interrupted race is restarted that it might be necessary to interrupt the restarted race. Currently there are no provisions in the regulations to provide for this race to be restarted.

"From 2014 restarted races that are interrupted after less than five laps are completed will be restarted again. In the Moto3 and Moto2 classes there will be a maximum of two restarts. In the MotoGP class the Race Direction can authorise more than two restarts according to the circumstances.

"The precise details of the lengths of the restarted races and the determination of the final race results will be published in the FIM regulations.

"The deadline for registering a protest has been reduced from one hour after publication of the results to 30 minutes.

"The party involved must announce their intention to protest within 30 minutes by verbally notifying Race Direction or IRTA. They then have a deadline of one hour from the publication of results to confirm their protest in writing or, indeed, to announce that they have decided not to proceed with their protest.

Wild Cards
"Wild card entries that cancel their entry after acceptance, other than due to injury or other valid reason, will no longer be reimbursed the cost of the one event GP licence issued by the FIM.

"Similarly, the entry fee paid by the wild card to cover the cost of the materials provided for his participation will not be refunded in full by IRTA unless the Federation can provide an alternate rider to take his place. If no replacement is provided by the Federation then only 50% of the entry fee will be refunded.

"In future wild card entries will be allocated temporary pit box accommodation in the paddock alongside the pit boxes provided for contracted teams who have not qualified for a permanent pit box. The entry fee will be increased by EUR500.00 as a contribution towards the cost."