At the end of the opening 2014 MotoGP test session at Sepang, Bridgestone confirmed that they will supply a softer rear tyre allocation to the new Open class.

The difference in tyre specification began under the former CRT category, whose under-powered machines were unable to make use of the harder of the two rear compounds available at each race.

However some of the new Open machines would be more than capable of using the same rubber as the Factory class.

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"From our point of view the performance of some Open class machines are really similar to Factory machines," said Bridgestone Motorsport manager Hiroshi Yamada.

"So we would like to supply same specification to all machines. However Dorna asked us to keep some advantage for the Open category. So for safety we think we need to use the heat resistant construction much more than last year, because of the high power for the Open category.

"For the first time here, we have supplied some test tyres for everybody - soft and medium for Open, medium and hard for Factory - with the heat resistant construction.

"The front tyres are the same."

At the conclusion of testing, Shinji Aoki, Bridgestone's manager of Motorsport Tyre Development confirmed:

"We will be providing Open class riders with rear slicks one step softer than the Factory class this year, and I expect this will create some very exciting MotoGP races in 2014."

As well as the softer rear tyre, Open class riders will benefit from four litres more race fuel, extra engine changes during the year and no in-season engine development freeze.

However they must also fit the full control ECU while the Factory class will continue to develop their own software.

The top Open class competitor, Aleix Espargaro (Forward Yamaha), set a shock fourth fastest lap time at this week's test, although the next best Open rider - Aspar Honda's Nicky Hayden - was only 13th overall.