Scott Redding fell on the penultimate lap of Sunday's MotoGP at the Circuit of the Americas after struggling throughout the race with a badly worn front tyre.

Speaking to after the race the Englishman admitted that he had fought tyre wear problems throughout and that a crash was almost inevitable after saving numerous moments throughout the 20 lap distance:

"We struggled with the front tyre life and it dropped off a lot," said Redding. "It started to drop off by three seconds a lap and that was the reason that I crashed. I had no support from the front and kept pushing the front and pushing the front. I was trying to save it with my elbow and my knee but after so long you can't keep doing that. In the last two laps the front was destroyed and I had a small crash."

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The change in track conditions today, cloudy and cooler than previous days, may have played a role in the tyre problems that affected numerous riders.

"I felt good [about the tyre] and we had done a lot of laps on the front tyre with no problems. It was strange that in the race it was like this. It was just this moment and that was strange because we had done a lot of laps with it and it had felt good but in the race it didn't."

Having won a close battle with Nicky Hayden for seventh and top Production Honda honours on his MotoGP debut in Qatar, Redding again spent large parts of the grand prix with the former world champion, before dropping to 14th at the time of his fall.

"I spent some some time later behind Nicky and there wasn't really a big difference. He seemed to have more support in the front in the right hand corners. Maybe there was a problem with the tyre because in the places I was struggling he was stronger. We need to see in Argentina if we can solve this problem."

Valentino Rossi and Andrea Iannone suffered similar front tyre issues.