MotoGP riders will have a choice of three rather than two front tyre compounds during this weekend's inaugural MotoGP event at the Rio Termas Hondo circuit in Argentina.

The riders will be able to choose from soft, medium and hard compound front slicks, the increase due to the unknown nature of the asphalt and possibility of a wide range of weather conditions.

Bridgestone's pre-event data is limited to a four-rider test by satellite/CRT riders in July of 2013.

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"As we have limited data for this track, we have decided to have a special allocation for the front tyres this weekend to ensure maximum safety for the riders," said Shinji Aoki, manager of Bridgestone Motorsport's Tyre Development Division.

Rear slick tyre choice will remain at the usual two compounds with the Factory Honda and Yamaha riders having the medium and hard compounds available, while the Ducati and open-class riders have the soft and medium.

"Both our front and rear tyre allocation for this race has to provide high levels of durability, stability and resistance to overheating, so we will provide tyres formulated from our harder rubber compounds for the Argentina Grand Prix," continued Aoki.

"The Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo is a new addition to the MotoGP in 2014, and our test at the circuit last year shows it is one of the harshest circuits on the calendar for tyres.

"This circuit has a high average speed with some sections featuring high-camber angles, while corners like turn six are large radius, high-speed corners that generate very high tyre loads.

"The circuit is interesting in that although there are nine right-handed corners compared to five left-handed corners, the left shoulder of the tyre experiences higher temperatures than the right shoulder, due to the left-handers generally being faster, more demanding corners."

A number of riders suffered unexpected front tyre problems during the previous Austin race.