Cal Crutchlow says he is happy to be back on the Ducati for the Spanish Grand Prix, despite still feeling the effects from the hand injury that ruled him out of the last Argentina race.

The British rider ended his day at Jerez in a fairly lowly 15th place, but shrugged off injury being the factor, insisting the reason why his rivals are faster than him is because they - unlike him - had the advantage of riding just four days ago.

With this in mind, Crutchlow was satisfied with his day's work, even if he admits he wasn't expecting to experience issues changing direction, rather than braking.

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"I was happy but the position was not good and not what we expected from every weekend but my problem was that everyone was going fast because they rode four days ago whereas I had a weekend at home. Ramsey is really nice and there's a beach there but it was freezing cold so I couldn't lie on it!

"I had a weekend off but it's good to get back out there today and the hand was OK. I was pleased with how it felt. I didn't take painkillers, I had no taping and I was OK. Sure, it was painful but it was in a different area [to what I expected].

"I thought it would be painful braking but it wasn't. It was painful changing direction in the corners so turn two to three and turn six to seven were really difficult. I also lost a lot in the initial braking, I can't brake with full power so have to brake a little and then a lot. So I lost time in the initial braking. It's good to be back working with the team and we tried a few things but we still have to understand some things with the bike. It was a good day to build into the weekend and hopefully we'll improve tomorrow.

"I tried braking with two fingers for five laps in the second session and I went straight on at each corner. I've got good power with them but my fingers slip on the lever. If you look at Marc he brakes with one finger, so the brakes are powerful enough to do this, but with my style and small hands I can't reach the lever."

Touching on his potential choice of tyres, Crutchlow says the current hot conditions dictate that he will likely be using the harder tyre.

"A lot of the riders in front of us benefited from the soft rear tyre but I used our hard tyre in both sessions and for a race duration it will be difficult but this is the situation for us and I'll try my best and talk with the Ducati guys and work from there."