Scott Redding struggled on Friday in Jerez with the Englishman ending the day 17th fastest however afterwards he was upbeat that he would be more competitive over the weekend.

Redding commented that the tighter Jerez circuit was a major change from the more open tracks that opened the season with the rookie comparing Jerez to a "karting circuit."

"This is the first time that I've come to a smaller track-Qatar, Texas and Argentina are big wide tracks-and here it's like a karting circuit on your first time out," he said. In the beginning I was a little bit put away by it because the track is much smaller and you have to use all the track. On the bigger tracks you use less of the circuit."

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Having been 1.7s off the pace on Friday Redding admitted that braking and edge grip when cornering were the biggest areas in need of improvement but that it was likely that his Gresini mechanics would only need to make small adjustments and that the biggest difference would come from him adapting his riding style

"We're struggling a little bit with braking and I keep lifting the rear and going straight and we're also missing some rear edge grip. This circuit you have a lot of lean angle and also some long corners where you are looking for the grip. We tried a few things but never found something that was perfect so we've got some stuff to try tomorrow and we have to close the gap to Nicky. We'll try and improve the suspension, bike position and weight distribution.

"We struggled a little bit today but we started to get there in the end. Maybe it's my riding style and I need to take a step back. It's a new and on Friday I have to learn it when all these guys have many years experience of the tyres and the bike. Also with this being a small track it feels like a karting circuit to me now. It's a little bit to get your head around it but when you sleep on it tomorrow will be different."

With Nicky Hayden tenth fastest it is clear that the potential for a stronger weekend on the Open Honda is a possibility and Hayden is once again the target for Redding

"Nicky is my target. Sometimes I'm faster and sometimes he's faster. For me the target is to the fastest Open Honda or to be close to Nicky. He's got a lot of experience of these tyres and these kinds of bikes. I'm quite far back now but I'm confident that I can be closer tomorrow."