Marc Marquez has admitted some surprise at the dominance of his victory on the Grand Prix of Spain in Jerez after expecting a stronger challenge from main rivals Dani Pedrosa, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

Save for a busy opening lap that saw him going elbow-to-elbow with Rossi for the lead, Marquez was mostly dominant in front of his home fans, reeling off a series of fast laps to break the opposition early before cruising to the chequered flag.

Indeed, with the likes of Lorenzo and Pedrosa especially posting good lap times during practice, Marquez was happy to succeed so comprehensively around a circuit he had never previously won a GP at.

"I am really happy," said Marquez at the end of his 100th career GP race. "It is a different victory because I struggled a little more during the weekend as my level, the level of Dani, Valentino and Jorge was so close, but then in the race I don't why I felt so good.

"I started well today, but when I saw that Valentino was trying to pass me on the first corner I knew his intention was to slow down the race so he could control the pace.

"Riding behind him I realised that I could go faster, so I tried to overtake him as soon as possible. I was surprised, because I wasn't expecting to open up a gap.

A fourth consecutive win, each from pole position, Marquez insists the team must not remain complacent.

"Anyway, I am in good form at the moment, but I can see that Dani, Valentino and Jorge are giving their 100% in every practice and in every race. I'm sure that sooner or later will come a race in which we are unable win, but we will have to learn from that and try to take important points."

Marquez now leads the overall standings by 28 points from Pedrosa.


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NigolT: Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey come and save Motogp LOL!!![\blockquote]


you forgot to add: and put the Honda lawnmower from Hayden on the front that is what is the true potential according to "Honest HRC"...

You felt so good because your team, which is at least twice as big as any comparable satellite team and backed up by another hundred people in Japan, is able to maximize the potential of the best bike on the grid you happen to have. Maybe Michelin can start providing you with special tires so you can feel even better. :-)

I really hope the ultra simplified electronics will come as soon as possible. The automated ride on these bikes is ridiculous. If its not the special flown in tires, pseudo-suggested "rocket fuel" limit, rider/bike weight advantage or seasonal engine development block, it is the company that has the most engineering /analysis man power to its availability to ridiculously use track recognition or GPS based engine control to win a human/machine race.

I see the use in "normal life", to some extend to optimize the operating point of the vehicle based on its location on earth but there is no need to develop this for racing. I mean Honda has the lowest tech bikes availabl