Michael Laverty's missed out on a Spanish MotoGP point by just one place - for the third time this season.

Speaking exclusively to Crash.net Laverty admitted that while he got the most from the PBM bike during the 27 lap race, it was simply impossible for him to fight with Hector Barbera and Colin Edwards during the race and he was left to finish the race on his own.

"It was a little bit disappointing not to have the pace to go with Barbera because whenever he came past I was hoping to stay with him and Colin but they rode away from me," said Laverty. "They could turn better and accelerate better and there's only so much that you can gain under braking. I tried to stay with them but they made a bit of a break and I couldn't quite go with them. So it was a lonely race by myself and I couldn't quite go as fast as I had hoped.

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"I was riding hard at the start but they were able to turn better and accelerate better which is a tough combination to beat! I knew looking at the laptimes that Barbera had the pace to pull out fast times and knew that the potential of his bike was faster than ours so I just have to accept that we couldn't race with him today."

With the hot track conditions causing problems up and down the pitlane with riders struggling for grip after a handful of laps Laverty admitted commented that his bike developed understeer and that even as the fuel load dropped he still struggled to hit his apexes.

"I was finding it hard to hit the apexes with a full fuel load and then when the fuel went down I had no grip so I couldn't really dig in and find more laptime. The track was quite slick because the temperature was up, everyone was sliding, but I kept a rhythm and was able to keep banging out the same laptimes every lap but I just couldn't find any more and was stuck at that pace. It's frustrating because I had hoped for more today."

While Laverty expected that Jerez would offer him an opportunity to fight with the Open Hondas, he is less sure that Le Mans, a stop-start circuit that requires heavy braking into numerous corners, will offer him a chance to claim his first points of the season.

"It's hard to know how competitive we will be at Le Mans. I had hoped that Jerez would suit us more because there isn't any real straights but we still ended up being pretty much the same distance to the front guys. I think that the tight and twisty nature of Le Mans will make it difficult. Our bike is still struggling to get stopped so it's hard to pinpoint exactly what we need to fix, whether it's engine or chassis, but that's what we have to work on."