Unbeaten in qualifying and races this year, Marc Marquez duly added the first 2014 in-season MotoGP test to his list of conquests.

Having claimed his first ever Jerez grand prix victory in Sunday's race, Marquez picked up where he had left off during Monday's return to the Spanish circuit, leading almost the entire eight hours of testing.

The Repsol Honda star held a 0.6s advantage by the time he completed his 55th and final lap, with Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo later getting to within 0.262s of the #93.

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"Today went rather well and we were able to draw some very positive conclusions," said Marquez.

"We didn't really have anything important to test out, but there were some things that you don't have time to look at over during a grand prix weekend; things like the electronics, the start strategy or some different setups.

"Despite feeling comfortable, we tested things out in order to have some ideas for the future. We tried a different rear suspension but in the end I went back to what we basically had used throughout the weekend. I felt most comfortable with it that way."

Marquez will seek to extend his unbeaten run to five during the French Grand Prix at Le Mans from May 16-18.


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After 4 out of the first four and the first in-season test Marc finds "Very positive conclusions". That's what I call "scary"!

Honda might like that too. It'd ram home their machine superiority they've spent so much to get & keep.
Dorna wouldn't though. It'd ram home to even the most gullible that MGP isn't any kind of real racing contest. The cynic in me says watch out for some contrived penalty to try to stop him[\blockquote] (Marquez)

winning every race if Honda won't play ball off the show[\blockquote]
The cynic in me says watch out for a sickening amount of praise for both Marc and Honda. Not that Marc wouldn't deserve the right amount of honest praise, but too much is just too much ...