Scott Redding improved on his best lap of the Jerez MotoGP weekend during Monday's test, when the rookie worked on solving the rear traction issues suffered during the race.

The Gresini Honda Open class rider completed a mammoth 71 laps, setting the twelfth fastest lap, 0.2s under his qualifying time.

"We struggled again with rear grip through the day, but we worked hard to find a solution and in the end we found something that was better, let me say, in 60% of the track," Redding declared. "In some corners there was no difference, but in some others was better.

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"So, this test was useful for us: we learned a lot, and we also tested some [Nissin] braking parts to be used later on in the season. Today it was quite hard to get up again and to be strong again, ready to ride, after a race, but overall I'm quite happy to have made this test."

Redding finished 13th in the grand prix.