MotoGP riders are keen to see the present 160kg MotoGP minimum weight reduced.

Machine weight has been steadily increased from 145kg at the start of the four-stroke MotoGP era in 2002.

Both Dani Pedrosa and Stefan Bradl underwent arm pump surgery, to relieve forearm problems, following the recent Jerez race leading some to conclude that the power and weight of the present 1000cc machines is causing new difficulties for the riders.

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Seven time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi doesn't think machine weight is purely to blame for the arm pump issues, but revealed riders have already spoken about lowering the weight due to braking concerns.

"A lot of riders have this [arm pump] problem now, but also in the past and also with lighter bikes, in Moto2 for example. So I think weight is not the main reason but for sure it doesn't help," said the Italian.

"Maybe it's a good idea [to change the weight]. We already speak a lot in the Safety Commission with the other riders and try to reduce the weight of the bike a little bit, because we think that also a lot of problems with the brakes are coming from the weight.

"The weight doesn't help [the brakes] and for sure the weight doesn't help the arm pump either."

Reducing the minimum weight would increase machine performance and is therefore only likely to happen in co-ordination with other rule changes.

The other concern will be that a lower limit will prompt the use of more expensive weight-saving materials.


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I'm actually all for Motogp going to a smaller, lighter format. Maybe with the lighter bikes they should go to something like 750cc, or even closer to 650-700. I'm completely speculating here, so I'm ignoring Moto2 atm. Corner speeds were a concern with the 800s, so going even smaller is one of the best solutions I can think of. I'm sure they could still be ridiculously fast compared to streetbikes.

Help me understand. With carbon brakes you can stop these with one or two fingers on the front brake lever? So doesn't sound like they need much forearm muscle to actuate the front brake?

So where is the pump coming from? If its supporting their body weight during deceleration? So lighter bikes would decelerate stronger but for less time?

How about a minimum combined weight for rider and motorcycle? Remove the size advantage of smaller riders.