After withdrawing from the remainder of the Italian MotoGP weekend due to ongoing wrist problems, Nicky Hayden will undergo surgery on Tuesday.

The 2006 world champion has struggled after somehow 'irritating' the joint in his right wrist during the Spanish MotoGP earlier this month, resulting in pain and swelling of the whole right hand.

Previous checks in California appeared to rule out the need for surgery, but pain and lack of strength during day one around the high-speed Mugello circuit left Hayden with no choice.

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Speaking on Saturday morning, the Drive M7 Aspar rider explained: "I tried to ride yesterday. I have no real strength in my hand so last night we spoke to the doctors and the decision we've taken is to try to get healthy. I'm not exactly fighting for a championship, so it's better to not try to keep riding in this condition and to have an operation this week. Will see what happens and go from there

"It's not clear [what the exact problem with the wrist is]. I had an operation in November and everything healed up. I was fine and did full days of testing in Malaysia without problems, the first few races no problem, and then Saturday in Jerez for whatever reason that night I started to feel some pain.

"During the night I woke up with a lot of inflammation in the wrist and pain. I didn't crash in Jerez, or have any big moments. From there it's not really getting any better. At Le Mans I crashed on it again which honestly didn't help. So we need to make an operation to try to clean it up. Nothing is clear until they get in there.

"The surgery [in Italy on Tuesday] is going to be arthroscopic [keyhole] surgery so the recovery time should be short, but until I've had the surgery it's impossible to say. It's not like a broken bone. I have a joint that keeps releasing fluid.

"Hopefully they can get inside, drain the fluid and clean up the scar tissue. The injury is in the wrist but because it's bleeding off, the whole hand swells up when I ride. I'm very disappointed. Mugello is probably one of the best races of the year and I wanna be out there."

Hayden's previous right wrist surgeries can be traced back to Valencia 2011, when he was one of four riders to fall at turn one of the race. His most recent operation was to remove a screw this winter, but it remains a mystery as to why the joint suddenly flared up at Jerez.

"The first injury to the wrist was at Valencia in 2011, when I fell at the first corner of the race and broke the scaphoid [bone in the wrist]. But even then I healed up ok. Then I crashed again at Indy and broke a few more bones. I was all healed up again," he said.

"Early last season the screw in the wrist started coming loose. So this winter I took the screw out and everything seemed fine... I also broke the other [left] scaphoid twelve years ago, had an operation and have never had a problem again. Same doctor. But the right hand takes a lot more abuse."

Hayden is currently second in the Open class classification, as the top Honda RCV1000R rider. The seventh round of the championship is at Catalunya from June 13-15.