Impressed with the new FTR chassis for his Forward Yamaha during its debut on Friday at the Italian MotoGP, Colin Edwards dropped to 18th in qualifying.

"We f**ked up today," said the Texan. "We tried to play a little bit with the electronics, and then they were worse. So we tried to fix it with the chassis, which was worse.

"Everything we did today just seemed to be wrong until five minutes before the end of qualifying, when we kind of went back to our standard, and it was back to yesterday.

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"We have a trick up our sleeve for tomorrow though. Something different in the rear suspension that I like on this chassis from last year. I just can't get any load on the front right now. We'll make it work.

"Honestly [the new chassis] is great. I can actually brake and go into the corner with plenty of confidence. The problem is once all that is done everything sits back on the rear.

"We got to figure out how to put more load on the front tyre to get it to turn once I get off the brakes.

"Tomorrow will be good. I know what we did last year and how this [suspension] link helped us. So I'm confident."

Edwards, who will retire from MotoGP at the end of this year, continues to be linked with a role as a Michelin test rider.