British MotoGP riders Cal Crutchlow, Bradley Smith and Michael Laverty will take part in Friday's Isle of Man TT parade lap.

The trio will complete a lap of the famous 37.73 mile Mountain Course on production bikes, before the likes of Michael Dunlop and John McGuiness take to the track for the Senior TT.

"I'm looking forward to it and obviously the Brits are all going to be there and we should have some fun," said Isle of Man resident Crutchlow. "I know the track so I've got a definite advantage there, maybe we could take that race result as the result for our championship! I'm really looking forward to it and it should be fun."

Crutchlow will ride a Ducati Superliggera for his lap.

Smith has made the trip to the Island on two previous occasions and both times rain meant that no racing took place. The Englishman, a former 125cc race winner, is keen to get on track and gain an insight into what the racers face before enjoying the Senior event:

"I just want to be able to appreciate exactly what those guys do," commented Smith. "The fact that there's a circuit over 37 miles long is amazing. I've been there twice already and unfortunately it's rained both times so hopefully I'll get to see some racing this year.

"I want to see in real life what it's all about and appreciate the talent that these guys have. I see some circuit racers go over and they pretty much get beat every single time. Bruce Anstey set the new record at 132.3 on Saturday and anything that is averaging that is pretty darn impressive!"

Smith, who rides for Tech 3 Yamaha, will use a Yamaha R1 for his lap.

For Michael Laverty the parade lap will be the second time that he has been involved with the Senior festivities having ridden for Suzuki in British Superbikes in 2010 when the manufacturer celebrated their centenary.

The Irishman is likely to ride a Suzuki GSXR-1000.

"I've done it before, I was lucky to do it in 2010 for Suzuki's centenary," said Laverty. "That was the year that Loris [Capirossi] came over. I was riding for Suzuki in BSB at the time so it was good fun doing that. It's controlled by a marshall riding in front so you can't go around too fast. That's probably a good thing so you go around and pull a few wheelies and I did the jump over Ballough Bridge and then I got a nice run up over the Mountain which was nice.

"The rest of the stuff, going through the villages is scary, but at least over the Mountain you can see your way through the turn so you can have a bit of a go up there. It was quite enjoyable so I'm looking forward to doing it and I'm looking forward to watching the Senior as well and hopefully we'll get nice weather."

When asked if he'd like to compete in the TT or Road Races later in his career, the PBM rider commented that it wasn't something that he'd look to do given the dangers involved.

"It's a cool event so I'm looking forward to going to it. It's not really a race that I'd like to compete in though, I respect the guys that do it obviously, but it's a different kind of riding. One mistake over there and it can all be over and that's what will always keep me away from it."

The dangers of road racing were apparent once again this weekend the deaths of Bob Price and Karl Harris affecting Scott Redding deeply with the Englishman deciding against taking part in the parade lap.


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