Nicky Hayden continued to battle the effects of his recent wrist surgery during the opening day of the Dutch MotoGP.

However the Drive M7 Aspar Honda rider is approaching this weekend's event with the mind-set that his wrist is now a known commodity and that he needs to deal with the issue as it is presenting itself.

The American concluded FP2 in 17th and over two seconds off the pace, but geometry changes in the afternoon improved the balance of his Production Honda and will be the further focus of attention tomorrow.

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"Obviously it's not how we hoped for the day to go, we hoped for the first day to be more competitive," said Hayden. "In the afternoon we improved a bit and made the bike a bit more nimble and that definitely helped in the change of direction but it'll be another hard weekend. It's not an easy track and it has some very technical stuff. We got a full dry day, which doesn't always happen here, but we've got some data and the big things all sorted."

When asked where he was losing most time and what areas needed to be improved upon Hayden said:

"We're losing a lot in the change of direction and I think that a lot of that is just me and not having enough strength and power. There's a couple of places that we're losing on entry but we improved the bike for that in the afternoon with some geometry changes so we might look to keep going in that direction tomorrow."

With his wrist injury clearly still hampering him, Hayden commented on his injury and the differences between racing at Barcelona, with numerous heavy braking areas, and the fast and flowing Assen circuit.

"I feel better than in Barcelona for normal things but on the bike I maybe feel a bit worse. I probably didn't take into account the high-speed changes of direction whereas in Barcelona it's a lot of hard braking. Here in the change of direction it's not easy but regardless I know that this is the situation now and we need to do what we can and prepare for Saturday."