Bradley Smith has suffered four crashes this weekend at the Sachsenring but the Englishman was in a positive frame of mind after qualifying ninth for tomorrow's MotoGP.

When asked about his day, which included two crashes, Smith said: "It was an interesting day! I had a moment coming out of turn one into turn two day during the change of direction. The bike wheelied a bit, tucked the front and then launched me up into the air. I did a rodeo bull ride three or four times and managed to put the footrest into my shin so there was a big hole in my leg that had to be sewn up between sessions.

"The hole was deep enough that you could see the bone so it was a pretty deep hole! This afternoon was my fault and I knew that I had to extract everything from the racetrack and I asked too much from the tyre on a corner that I was already good at and I tried to go a little bit too quick and carried the front brake and down I went."

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The injury was severe enough that the medical staff feared a compound fracture may have occurred but with Smith having finished the session it was clear that while the injury was serious that he had not damaged the bone and once sown up he returned for qualifying.

The weekend has been difficult for Smith because while his sessions have been punctuated with four crashes he feels good on the bike and confident in his speed:

"It's frustrating because four crashes doesn't look good but it's strange because I'm feeling confident on the bike and maybe that's the problem; I feel confident but in these track conditions they aren't good for riders and it's easy to make big mistakes. It'll make for a tricky race and you'll have to ride smart for 30 laps and hopefully we can be in the hunt at the end."

The weather at the Sachsenring has been very changeable with cold and warm temperatures, a stiff breeze and rain throughout the day. This means that riders are consistently chasing the best setup for the conditions at any given time, Smith outlined the challenge the conditions have presented to riders:

"It's tough but the more track temperature that we get the easier it is for us, the cooler that it the more difficult that it is. There's a cold wind as well that's the biggest issue because we're getting a cold win on the front tyre and going into turn 11 it's a little bit scary.

"With the lack of temperature today and the lack of running there maybe isn't enough rubber down and that makes it difficult. The track just seems unpredictable for pushing to the limit and it's a shame because I feel that I had something for the factory boys today because they didn't do something that was outside my reach."