Even though Scott Redding was outpaced by Nicky Hayden in qualifying the Englishman was pleased with his qualifying performance and feels that from 14th on the grid he should still be able to challenge during tomorrow's German MotoGP.

"I'm quite happy to be honest, maybe a bit disappointed that I'm not the top Honda but it's so close," said Hayden. "I made a bit of a mistake with the tyre choice, my favourite tyre is the medium front, but we only had the soft and hard. I started qualifying with the soft but I was just bouncing the front all the time so I came in and put in the hard. I was a bit nervous because it was quite cold and it's quite a hard tyre but I still made a good laptime.

"Here I'm struggling to make the new tyre work and I had a few moments where I lost a little bit of time. I've a lot of spinning so I need to try and take my time at the beginning because it's 30 laps tomorrow. It's hard to get the first laptime but then it comes to me so we've got to try and make it last for the race.

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"The track is quite difficult to learn, you see the same with guys going from Moto3 to Moto2, and it's so hard with this bike because there's so much electronics. It's a shame though because if I had put everything together I would have been the fastest Open Honda so I'm a little bit disappointed. I've got the pace of Nicky because I've been faster on average this weekend and I think that I have to try and be the top Honda tomorrow and maybe mix with the Ducatis."

While Redding has experience of the Sachsenring from 125s and Moto2 this year is the first time that he has tackled Turn 11, the Waterfall, on a premier class machine and his experiences give a good insight into the challenges of what many riders call the best corner in MotoGP:

"Turn 11 down the hill is quite scary here because you've got more speed! People crash at turn 11 because they don't know what grip to expect, from one lap to the next the grip can be gone. I've been riding a little bit reserved. I've had a cold tyre slide a few times when I shut off the throttle but it's just about learning the limits of the bike."

Redding's future has been speculated upon since he signed with Gresini to ride the Open Honda machine but details as to what he'll be riding in 2015 are still not confirmed. When asked if he has held discussions with Gresini yet to confirm what bike he will be riding next year Redding said:

"I've had discussions but nothing is coming out of the hat at the moment so we're waiting to see what the decision is for next year. I've got a two year contract here so we're waiting to see what decision is made about the bike. Honda were trying to sort out their factory riders, which they've now done, so they'll start to work down the ladder a bit and we'll have to wait and see when the time comes what the news is."